Scientific Nutrition Helps Corgi Dogs Live Healthy

Scientific Nutrition Helps Corgi Dogs Live Healthy

The Corgi is a Welsh short-legged pet dog that is bred worldwide. These cute friends are quite easy to raise,  are not picky eaters, can eat anything. However, in order for Corgi puppies to be healthy & develop the most comprehensively, you should provide them with a scientific diet. learn in stages.

To learn about the diet, the nutrients that Corgi needs, the notes when feeding the dog,… please read the article below of  inkpawarts.

Scientific nutrition for Corgi

The Corgi is an active and energetic dog breed. Therefore, these short-legged puppies need to be provided with adequate nutrients through their daily diet. That way, the new dog will be healthy and full of energy for outdoor activities. inkpawarts‘s experience , the nutrients needed for a healthy puppy are as follows:

  • Protein: There are many types of meat such as: Beef, pork, chicken, sea fish, offal, chicken eggs, duck eggs, etc. If you have the conditions, you can give Corgi beef the best, just rich. protein and low fat.
  • Fat: The amount of fat should be added just enough, avoiding overeating, which is easy to become obese. There is also a certain amount of fat in the meat, so you don’t need to feed the Corgi with extra fat or vegetable oil.
  • Calcium: Corgi has an unbalanced body, so it is easy to have problems related to bones and joints. Therefore, calcium supplementation for them is necessary. But for small dogs like Corgis, feeding them bones is impossible. You only have to provide calcium through milk, functional foods, crushed bone meal specifically for dogs.
  • Starch: You can supplement starch by feeding Corgi rice, porridge, sweet potatoes, cereals, etc. The amount of starch is not too much, but must be there because they provide a part of the Corgi’s vital energy. .
  • Vitamins and fiber: These substances are abundant in vegetables, tubers and fruits such as: Carrots, pumpkin, green beans, lettuce, vegetabl

Food for Corgi dogs through each age

inkpawarts, in order for Corgi to develop optimally, you should provide your dog with foods that are appropriate for each age. Accordingly, there are 4 stages you should pay attention to:

Corgi puppies from 0-1 months old

At this age, you should feed Corgi exclusively with breast milk, do not introduce them to weaning too early. Part of that is because the newborn Corgi’s digestive system is still weak. The rest is because breast milk helps strengthen resistance, helping Corgi prevent diseases.

Scientific Nutrition Helps Corgi Dogs Live Healthy
Newborn Corgi Food

Corgi puppies from 1-2 months old

This Corgi puppy can be weaned from its mother’s milk and begin to practice external feeding. The simplest food you should give them includes: Meat porridge + pureed vegetables (beef is the best, or can be replaced with lean pork, chicken, … ). inkpawarts recommends that you do not feed young Corgi bones, seafood, organs because their digestive system is still weak.

If you feed Welsh short-legged puppies with dry food, they should be soaked for 10-15 minutes before eating . At the same time during this period, you should also give your dog 200ml of fresh milk per day . At 1-2 months of age, you should also feed Corgi into several meals, evenly spaced meals. Avoid overfeeding or overeating because leaving the Corgi in a state of being too full or too hungry is not good.

Corgi puppies from 3-6 months old

Corgi from 3-6 months old do not need to eat porridge but can use rice with ground meat + bone broth . You can also feed your dog more types of sea fish, offal, but only about 3-4 meals a week . If you want your dog to have a shiny coat, you need to add 2-3 duck eggs per week.

Scientific Nutrition Helps Corgi Dogs Live Healthy
Corgi can eat dry food

At this stage, the Corgi’s digestive system has stabilized, so it is not necessary to give your dog dry food. The dog’s digestive system has stabilized, but Corgi still cannot eat bones, especially sharp bones such as chicken bones, duck bones to avoid choking. In order for the dog’s skeleton to grow healthy, you should still provide calcium from milk after each meal.

Corgi puppies from 6 months old and up

This is the period of the Corgi’s strongest growth: They require you to provide adequate nutrients through each daily meal. In which, the most important is Protein and calcium (accounting for 50% of the mass of substances) with the role of determining the height and weight of the Corgi later.

Scientific Nutrition Helps Corgi Dogs Live Healthy
Adult Corgis should be well fed

When Corgi puppies enter puberty, you need to limit your intake of fats such as: Butter, cheese, animal fat, etc. The condition of this short-legged dog breed is prone to obesity and affects health. healthy if you eat too much fat. In addition, vegetables, tubers, fruits, fish, shrimps, crabs, milk, etc. You should still give Corgi alternate meals so that the dog can absorb the most substances. To help your dog’s coat be shiny and smoother, you can feed them 3-4 duck eggs / week .

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Reasonable amount of food and serving size for Corgi

According to experience from inkpawarts, the amount of scientific food for a Corgi puppy will be calculated by the formula : Food volume = weight × 3-4% . If your short-legged puppy likes to exercise, the volume of food should be increased. But keepers should also remember: Corgi eating too much is not good, so limit it to a certain range to keep them healthy.

Scientific Nutrition Helps Corgi Dogs Live Healthy
The right amount of feed for Corgi

A reasonable diet for Corgi is divided as follows:

  • Corgi 1-2 months old: 4 breakfast, lunch, afternoon, dinner; Each meal is spaced 4-5 hours apart. You can add milk at night as a snack.
  • 3-6 months old Corgi: Feed the dog 3 meals / day: Morning, lunch, dinner. Reduce meals but increase weight to match body weight.
  • Corgi over 6 months old: This puppy should only be fed 2 meals/day: morning and evening . Snacks should be fed with crushed bone meal, milk and fruit to supplement the nutrients.

Notes to know when feeding Corgi

In the Corgi diet, farmers not only need to pay attention to the right nutrition and amount of food, but also need to know how to feed properly. To find out, refer to inkpawarts ‘s notes in the information section below:

Scientific Nutrition Helps Corgi Dogs Live Healthy
Corgi dogs should eat cooked food and drink clean water
  • Food for Corgi must be cooked, especially offal or fishy items such as fish, crab, shrimp . Absolutely do not feed your dog raw and rare food because it is easy to get worms and diarrhea.
  • You should keep the Corgi’s eating area clean: Clean the bowl and water tray, avoiding the situation of letting them eat day in and day out.
  • Leftovers after each meal should be thrown away immediately. Never let your dog eat leftovers, stale, fermented, moldy, expired food, etc.
  • Drinking water must always be available in the tray, when the dog is thirsty, there must be water to drink immediately. Change the water 3 times a day to avoid dirt.
  • You should control the weight of the Corgi because if the dog is obese, it will be at risk of many dangerous diseases.
  • Do not let Corgi go out to play, run and jump after eating. After each meal, you should let them rest for 2-3 hours before starting to exercise.
  • Feeding Corgi too full or too hungry is not good.


Above are the latest shares of inkpawarts about scientific nutrition to help Corgi stay healthy. Hopefully, through this article, you have had enough information in raising Corgi to grow healthy and up to standards.

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