How to raise fat, healthy and beautiful Corgi puppies from 1.2 months old

How to raise fat, healthy and beautiful Corgi puppies from 1.2 months old

The best way to raise a Corgi dog has always received the attention of many dog ​​lovers. From nutrition, training to other little things have a great influence on the development of the Corgi. So do you know the best way to raise and care for these puppies?

1. Corgi dog food

Corgi is known to be a breed of dog that is easy to care for and comfortable in eating. However, this does not mean that you are allowed to take care of and care for your dog lightly in terms of nutrition. Because no matter how easy the dog is in eating, it is inevitable that problems can occur due to food. How scientific is the Corgi dog diet?

In the way of raising Corgi dogs, there are many people who are subjective about the dog’s nutrition. Therefore, there have been many times when owners have to worry when their dog shows signs of fatigue, illness, fever or diarrhea because of nutritional problems. In the process of raising Corgi dogs, it is not easy to build a quality nutritional menu for dogs.

The protein

In fact, Protein is an indispensable substance in the care of Corgi dogs . Corgi puppies always need protein to create energy to maintain the body’s daily activities. You can find a lot of protein in foods like meat like pork, beef, chicken, fish, eggs or offal.

To limit the risk of obesity, people with conditions often feed Corgi beef. Not only is it a delicious, fresh food that contains a lot of protein, but beef also has very little fat, so it will be completely suitable for the health and development of Corgi dogs.


To create an abundant source of energy for exercise, fat is an important factor for the development of the dog’s body. However, eating foods that are too high in fat can make your pets very susceptible to quite dangerous diseases.

The amount of fat that exists in meats is already enough for Corgi’s needs. Therefore, in the way of raising Corgi dogs, you should only feed the dog a little more animal fat. At the same time, if one meal you feed your dog offal, it is not necessary to eat extra fat. There is a lot of fat in the viscera and it is enough to provide nutrients for the Corgi. If you are learning about Corgi dog nutrition then this is an important one.


There is a special feature in Corgi that no other dog breed has is a strange bone structure. And because of this strangeness, dogs are very susceptible to bone and joint diseases. And to help dogs be safer and more comfortable in exercise, the addition of calcium-rich foods is very important, especially in how to care for Corgi puppies.

There are many people who often supplement calcium for dogs by eating bones directly. And this is not recommended, especially in the way of raising a 2-month-old Corgi dog. Instead, to help your dog get enough calcium, you can buy dog ​​milk or calcium-fortified supplements to help make your dog’s bones stronger.


To create an abundant source of energy for a day of exercise, Corgi’s diet must not lack starch. You can feed your dog foods such as rice, porridge, sweet potatoes, cereals, etc. in each meal. And because there are other foods in the meal, you don’t need to give Corgi too many starches. A moderate amount in the meal will help the dog eat well and move more easily.

Vitamins and fiber

Although not able to participate in the metabolism that produces energy, vitamins also play an important part in protecting the health of Corgi puppies. So in the effective way to raise Corgi dogs, you cannot ignore the benefits of this nutrient.

Vitamins and fiber are nutrients that help Corgi increase resistance and help the digestive system work better. Diseases such as diarrhea, constipation, .. often occur in dogs when the diet is not balanced between substances. Therefore, to overcome these symptoms, you should pay attention to the vitamins and fiber provided to your dog every day.

2. Corgi dog food through each age

In the technique of raising Corgi dogs, nutrition is not the only factor you need to pay attention to. Accordingly, you need to depend on the Corgi’s development time to have a suitable diet for the dog. As it grows to important milestones, Corgi has both internal and external changes. Here are the timelines and the right food for your dog you can refer to:

Corgi puppies from 0-1 months old

From 0 to 1 month is the time when Corgi is just born and the body is still very weak. Therefore, how to raise a Corgi puppy is quite stressful and tiring because you have to care about a lot of things.

At this age, the main source of nutrition that puppies receive is breast milk. Because the dog’s digestive system is just beginning to mature, there are still certain limitations, not being able to properly digest the weaning food. Weaning too early not only can’t absorb nutrients, but also susceptible to some diseases related to the intestines.

Because the resistance is almost zero, eating outside foods can be extremely dangerous for dogs. Drinking breast milk not only helps the dog have enough energy to live but also increases the body’s resistance during the dog’s development. And this will help your dog avoid a lot of diseases.

Corgi puppies from 1-2 months old

Corgi dogs can almost eat solid foods and have the first signs of development when they turn 2. At the beginning of weaning for dogs, you can feed Corgi meat porridge cooked with pureed vegetables. At the same time, you should give your dog meat such as pork, chicken, .. to develop a better body. However, if you want your dog to eat the best food, then feed it with beef.

In the way of raising and caring for Corgi dogs at this stage, other foods such as organs and seafood should not be given to dogs. Because their digestive system is only a little stronger at this time, it is difficult for organs or seafood to convert into energy for the body. So eating these foods when underage can have a bad effect on Corgi.

Corgi puppies from 3-6 months old

In the way of raising Corgi dogs 3 months old and up, the Corgi dog diet will be much easier to breathe. At this point, the dog is almost completely weaned from its mother’s milk and begins to eat a little harder food. In particular, you can also improve the brightness of the dog’s coat color based on the food. If you want the dog’s hair to grow faster and have a brighter, smoother look, a week you can feed Corgi a few hard-boiled eggs.

Instead of processed food, if you use grain food for Corgi, it does not need to be softened anymore and can be fed directly to the dog. Between meals, you can give your dog a little more milk specifically for dogs to make it easier for the dog to digest the food. Although your dog can already eat solid foods, you should absolutely not give them bones. Eating bones if not careful can hurt your dog and cause them to choke.

Corgi puppies from 6 months old and up

How to raise fat, healthy and beautiful Corgi puppies from 1.2 months old
How to raise fat, healthy and beautiful Corgi puppies from 1.2 months old

Over 6 months of age, Corgi puppies can be considered as grown-ups and are more demanding in terms of nutritional quality in each meal. In order for the dog to grow well in weight and height, there are two extremely important nutrients in the dog’s diet, which are Protein and Calcium. Many studies report that, in a basic meal, these two nutrients must account for 50% of the total nutritional value to meet the standard.

At the same time, when entering puberty, foods containing a lot of fat should also be limited, so the dog should not eat too much. Regularly eating foods high in fat can make your dog prone to obesity and other related diseases.

This is the period when the dog is about to enter puberty and mating. So from now on, learn in advance how to breed Corgi dogs so that you can be intentional when your beloved dogs can get pregnant in the future.

Some notes when feeding Corgi dogs

While feeding your Corgi , there are a few basic things you should keep in mind to ensure that your dog is always provided with a safe, healthy, and appropriate diet. Specifically:

  • Limit feeding your dog foods that are too high in fat because it can cause your dog to become obese
  • It is necessary to cook the food thoroughly before giving it to the corgi to avoid the dog having digestive problems or getting worms in the stomach.
  • Do not feed your dog bones because they can cause damage and cause the dog to choke
  • Regularly clean the food tray and water tray, change the water 3 times a day so that the dog can drink the cleanest water source.

2. Raising and training Corgi . dogs

The Corgi is an extremely intelligent and agile hunting dog. That’s why Corgi is quite simple to raise if you know the right way. So what is the best way to raise a Corgi dog in training?

Training time

Although you like to be active, you do not need to be with your dog 24 hours a day because they can completely play on their own. However, every day, you should spend a little time about half an hour to walk your dog or play light games. Thus, the Corgi not only becomes more agile and gentle, but the relationship between you and the dog also becomes much closer.

Training level

Because the Corgi is raised for the main purpose of being a close friend in each family, not for professional activities, the exercises do not need to be too rigorous. Usually, you just need to train your dog to perform basic exercises such as sitting down, standing up, going to the toilet in the right place, stopping barking, etc. at the command.

Also, besides the lessons, let the dog play outside at least once a day. Since Corgis are very active, we need to release some of the excitement inside their bodies.

Attitude when training

Corgi is considered a docile dog, but inevitably there are times when they are stubborn and do not obey. However, or because of scolding, you just need to be more serious and patient in how to train Corgi dogs . In case the dog is too stubborn, you can apply some punishment that is deterrent but does not hurt the dog. This will make training so much easier.

3. Care and hygiene for Corgi

It is very common for a dog to have some kind of intestinal or skin-related disease due to hygiene problems, which is in stark contrast to the UK, the more you have to learn about how to care for and clean your dog.

Corgi dog coat care

The reason Corgi’s fur has 2 layers and they are very thick is because in the UK, the winter weather is extremely harsh and the coat is a warm blanket for them. 

On the other hand, if in the UK, the Corgi only sheds twice a year, in our country, you can see this phenomenon happening all year round. Therefore, periodic trimming and regular grooming and brushing can make the Corgi feel more comfortable.

Cleaning for Corgi

As for the hygiene in the way of raising Corgi dogs, you can follow these steps:

  • You should spend time bathing your dog about 2 to 3 times a week
  • If the Corgi is only slightly soiled, you can wipe it off with a wet towel instead of bathing
  • When cleaning the body for Corgi , it is necessary to pay attention to places that easily accumulate stains such as between feet, between fingers, …

4. Vaccinations for Corgi

To increase resistance as well as help Corgi can prevent diseases , vaccination is very necessary. So in how to raise a Corgi dog, you need to learn about which vaccinations and at what time should you inject?

Common vaccines for dogs

There are currently 3 vaccines that are being used a lot for Corgi dogs. It is 3 in 1, 5 in 1 and 7 in 1. However, today, 2 vaccines, 5 in 1 and 7 in 1, are quite popular because of their high and obvious effectiveness. Before the advent of more elite vaccines, 3-in-1 became much weaker because it could not bring high efficiency.

Vaccinations with these vaccines can help Corgi protect against some common, common diseases such as Care, Pravo or infectious diseases.

When should Corgi dogs be vaccinated?

Although it is a good vaccine for Corgi dogs , you cannot use them arbitrarily. According to the advice of doctors, when Corgi reaches 3 weeks old, you should give them the first dose of vaccine and by the 3rd month, the process will be over. Since the cost of each dose of vaccine is only a little more than 100 thousand, you can fully afford to protect the health of your dog.

At the same time, when Corgi is 8 months old, give the dog a rabies vaccination, and also ask for a deworming application from the doctors!

How to raise a Corgi dog will become very difficult and difficult if you do not know how to do it. So for more detailed advice on this issue, please contact us immediately.

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