Top 40 interesting facts about the Welsh Corgi

There are 2 varieties of Corgi from Wales: Pembroke and Cardigan

Everyone knows the Corgi is a cute and extremely intelligent long-backed dwarf dog. However, there are many interesting facts about these beloved dogs that you may not know

1. There are two distinct varieties of Corgi

There are two breeds of Corgi from Wales: the Pembroke Welsh corgi and the Cardigan Welsh corgi. They are descendants of two different ancestors.

At first glance they look quite similar. However, if you pay close attention, you will notice the difference between the two breeds.

The most notable difference is that the Pembroke has a truncated (or no tail) tail. Meanwhile, Cardigan has a long fox-like tail. Besides, the Cardigan Corgi has rounder ears than the Pembroke.

2. Cardigan Welsh Corgi is an older breed

A warrior tribe of Celts brought the ancient Corgi to Cardiganshire, Wales around 1200 BC. This means that corgis have been in Wales for over 3000 years.

Ancestor Cardi is a member of the Teckel dog family. They are distant relatives of the Dachshund (sausage dog).

Cardigan is a distant relative of Dachshund .
Cardigan is a distant relative of Dachshund .

3. Pembroke appeared 2,200 years after Cardigan

According to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America, it is believed that Pembroke’s ancestors date back to at least the 10th century.

However, their origin is still unclear. There are two streams of opinion on the history of Pembroke.

1, They are descendants of the Swedish Vallhunds breed, brought to Pembrokeshire, Wales by the Vikings.

2, Pem shares a common ancestor with modern-day Schipperkes and Pomeranians. Brought to Wales by Flemish weavers.

Is Pembroke distantly related to the Swedish Wallhunds or the Schipperkers
Is Pembroke distantly related to the Swedish Wallhunds or the Schipperkers

4. The Kennel Club once merged the two into one breed

Cardi and Pem were registered as a breed in 1925, leading to a lot of tension among breeders. Often a judge will favor one breed over the other. This led to controversy at dog shows. After nearly a decade of (lovable) conflict, the Cardigan and Pembroke were recognized as two separate breeds in 1934.

Cardi and Pem were once registered as a breed
Cardi and Pem were once registered as a breed

5. Pembroke Corgi shares ancestry with Siberian Husky

Although they differ in stature, the Corgi is distantly related to the Siberian Husky. They are all descended from the northern Spitz breed, characterized by a thick coat, pointed ears and muzzle.

Pembroke Corgi and Husky share a common ancestor
Pembroke Corgi and Husky share a common ancestor

However, this does not mean that Corgis do well in cold weather or can pull sleds.

6. Corgi is the smallest herding dog breed

As early as the 10th century, Welsh farmers began using dwarf dogs to herd livestock and guard the farm. At that time, grassland was considered common land so there was no fence. To keep livestock close together and separate from other herds, corgis will bite the cattle’s heels whenever they get too far from the herd. Due to their limited height, corgis easily reach cattle ankles and are difficult targets for their retaliatory kicks. The Corgi is the smallest dog breed in the herding group.

To this day, these dogs are still adept herders. Many Corgis even win AKC herding competitions .

Corgi participates in herding competition
Corgi participates in herding competition
Corgi participates in herding competition
Corgi participates in herding competition

Today, despite being kept as a house pet, the Corgi still has the habit of biting people’s heels. Especially when they move fast. However, this bad habit can be eliminated if they are trained from a young age. Besides, the ancestral “herding profession” also helps Corgi have excellent orientation ability, always locating where the house is.

7. According to Welsh legend, fairies used to ride Corgi

Some say that Corgis are “enchanted” dogs, favored by fairies and elves. At night, magical creatures would use the Corgi to pull their chariots and make their steeds in battle. According to legend, the markings on the corgi coat are the faint outline of the saddle and the reins.

If you examine corgis in real life, you’ll also notice a thicker coat of hair on their backs – a sign of the “legendary fairy saddle”.

The fairies used to ride the Corgi
The fairies used to ride the Corgi

8. Corgi means “POG” in Welsh

With a height of only 25 – 33 cm, this small breed has a name that reflects their stature. In Welsh, ‘cor’ means dwarf and ‘gi’ means dog. So Corgi’s name means “dwarf dog”.

Corgi means "Dwarf dog" in Welsh
Corgi means “Dwarf dog” in Welsh

9. The Royal Family Loves Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Queen Elizabeth II has raised more than 30 Corgis in her lifetime. In 2015, she stopped breeding Corgis, to make sure they weren’t left behind when she died.

Although the queen’s last two corgis – Whisper and Willow – have both recently passed away, she still has two dorgis (the result of a corgi and dachshund’s love) named Candy and Vulcan.

In 1933, 7-year-old Elizabeth II was given her first Corgi uncle by King George VI, named Dookie. Dookie immediately impressed both the future queen and her sister – Princess Margaret. After some time, Jane – the second Corgi dog appeared. This dog couple already has a litter of puppies. Two of them are retained.

On her 18th birthday, the queen adopted another Corgi baby named Susan. Since then, her Corgi collection has grown to more than 30. Some Royal Corgis were bred with Princess Margaret’s Pipkin sausage to create the Dorgi.

Queen Elizabeth II is a big fan of Corgi
Queen Elizabeth II is a big fan of Corgi

It was the Queen’s love of the Corgi that raised the breed’s popularity. People made statues and issued coins with pictures of her and the dog. They also became the theme of 2019 with the animated film The Queen’s Corgis .

10. Corgi was once used to predict the name of Princess Charlotte

In the spring of 2015, as Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton were awaiting the birth of their second child, everyone bet the name of the little princess.

Gambling company Ladbrokes tried to predict the baby’s name through Corgi. They released an advertisement, featuring corgi dogs in suits with different names. In the ad, a dog named Alexandra won the race.

Princess Charlotte's Name Prediction Race
Princess Charlotte’s Name Prediction Race

However, on May 2, 2015, the royal baby was born with the name Charlotte instead of Alexandra.

11. A Pembroke named Rufus used to be the mascot of the Amazon

In its early days, adopted the unofficial mascot of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Rufus. This mascot is based on a real dog, owned by an Amazon employee. He often roams around in the Amazon office.

12. Instagram has helped “Protect” the breed

Pembroke Welsh corgi is quite popular in the United States. Even ranked in the 10th most popular dog breed of 2019 by the American Kennel Club. Surprisingly, the same cannot happen in the UK.

Each year, the Kennel Club releases a list of endangered native dog species. In it, lists varieties with less than 300 registrations during the year. Pembroke Welsh corgi was first put on the watch list in 2009. That means only about 300 to 450 registrations. In 2015, Pembroke was placed on the vulnerable list, with only 274 registrations. Cardigan Welsh corgi is even worse with just 126 registrations in 2019.

Fortunately, Pem is being bred in popularity again. From 2019 to now, they are completely not on the list. The breed is loved thanks to the Netflix movie The Crown, about the life of Queen Elizabeth II. But surely, the popularity of Corgi on Intagram has also contributed significantly to conveying the cuteness of the dwarf dog breed to every home.

A quick search shows, there are 54 different hagtags about corgi. Over 12 million posts with #corgi. Influential Corgi dogs on Instagram include: lacorgi, Maxine the Fluffy Corgi, Tibby the Corgi and Ralph the Corgi…

Results Hagtag #Corgi
Results Hagtag #Corgi

13. Walt Disney made Corgi famous

The founder of entertainment and mass media company Walt Disney first introduced a corgi in the animated series Little Dog Lost in the 1960s. First broadcast by NBC on January 13. In 1963, the film sparked the popularity of corgi in the United States.

14. Corgi Beach Day – The biggest Corgi meeting on the planet

Corgi Beach Day is one of the largest Corgi Pawty events on the planet, held in Southern California.

With only 15 Corgi dogs participating in the first event – ​​October 2012. To date, the event has attracted up to 1200 Corgi dogs and more than 14,000 attendees each time!

Corgi Beach Day is a free, fun meeting of Corgi dogs. At the festival, there will be activities such as: photography, talent contest, food exchange, gift booth, corgi costumes…

This event takes place three times a year.

Corgi Beach Day
Corgi Beach Day

15. The Romans believed that clipping the tail could get rid of rabies in dogs

The custom of cutting a dog’s tail dates back to ancient Rome. It is believed that tail clipping can eliminate the virus that causes rabies in dogs.

As cruel as it may seem, tail clipping is continued in the Pembroke Corgi as a way of maintaining the breed standard.

16. Many Pembrokes are born without tails

By standard, purebred Pembroke Welsh Corgis must not have a tail. Thus, while some Pems have no tail at birth, others are cut off when they are a few days old.

Many baby Pembrokes are born without tails
Many baby Pembrokes are born without tails

17. A ban on dog tail trimming is in place in the UK, Australia and many countries in Europe

Many Pembroke dog owners and enthusiasts believe that having their tail cut off when they are only 2 to 5 days old helps them feel no pain. Others say these puppies can feel the same pain as an adult corgi. For that reason, tail clipping has been banned in the UK since 2006. Except, for example, in registered working dogs or where it is deemed medically necessary by a veterinarian.

Besides, Australia and a lot of European countries also ban common tail clipping and consider it an offense.

However, because tails are part of the breed standard, some blame the decline in the number of Pembrokes in the UK on the ban.

18. Severe punishment for Corgi

Thanks to their loyalty, herding ability and attachment, the Corgi is held in high esteem by the Welsh people.

According to the ancient laws of this country, Corgi thieves would be subject to severe punishments. This also shows respect for the breed throughout its history.

19. Corgi has a double coat

Both the Corgi, Pembroke and Cardigan breeds have a thick, double coat. This coat helps them keep warm in the cold Welsh winter.

Corgi sheds twice a year – in the fall and spring – when the weather starts to warm up.

Corgi has a thick double coat
Corgi has a thick double coat

20. Corgi coat has a variety of colors

Corgis are best known for their red-white coat color. This is also a popular color of Pembroke. However, the Corgi also has many other coat colors such as sable, tricolor, merle , brindle, black-white …

The accepted coat color is more varied in the Cardigan breed.

Corgi has a lot of coat colors
Corgi has a lot of coat colors

21. Frequent weight problems

Drewbert, 2 years old
Drewbert, 2 years old
Cooper, 3 years old
Cooper, 3 years old

Corgis are passionate about food and can eat a lot. If left with unlimited food, they can eat to death. Plus, there’s a misconception in the corgi community that corgis have to look round and chubby. A corgi with a standard body is considered too thin and not cute.

This concept has a serious impact on the dog’s health. Due to their body structure, corgi are prone to bone and joint problems such as hip dysplasia, disc disease (IVDD). In addition, increased weight puts stress on other organs such as the heart and lungs.

Therefore, weight is a huge issue for corgis. They should be exercised regularly and eat in moderation to maintain a healthy weight. Having a standard body shape keeps the corgi healthy and alive.

Drewbert (14,5 kg)
Drewbert (14,5 kg)
Cooper (11,8 kg)
Cooper (11,8 kg)
Swayze (10,2 kg)
Swayze (10,2 kg)

Three standard shape Corgi photos: Drewbert (14.5 kg), Swayze (10.2 kg) and Cooper (11.8 kg). You can easily see their waistline.

22. Corgi have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years

On average, Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Cardigan Welsh Corgi have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. They are relatively healthy dogs. The health problems they have are usually not serious and are less likely to be life-threatening. Cardigan has a longer average lifespan than Pembroke.

They are predisposed to degenerative myelopathy (gradual paralysis of the limbs), cataracts (an eye disease), hip dysplasia (due to underdeveloped hip joints), cancer, and general obesity. Take your corgi to the vet regularly to keep them healthy.

Corgi is relatively healthy
Corgi is relatively healthy

23. Corgi barks a lot and has excellent house keeping abilities

Contrary to its small size, the Corgi has a loud bark. They use loud and low barking to keep livestock moving.

Thanks to that, the Corgi is also a pretty good housekeeper. They are alert and will quickly bark to alert owners when there are strange signs.

Corgi is highly alert
Corgi is highly alert

With high intelligence, Corgi has a lot to communicate. Instead of whining and howling like some breeds do, they will bark to make their point.

If you love quiet, this may not be the breed for you. If you want a dog that can be both a pet and a housekeeper, Corgi is the right choice.

24. Pembroke in the top 11 smartest dog breeds in the world

Not only cute and agile, Corgi is also very intelligent. According to Stanley Coren’s book The Intelligence of Dogs, out of 110 dog breeds ranked by dog ​​IQ, the Pembroke Welsh corgi comes in at number 11. lagged too far, coming in at 26th place.

Many owners say that the corgi has a very good learning ability. They can learn basic commands like sit, jump, pick up a ball and shake within 10-15 minutes.

Although, intelligence helps Corgi learn very quickly when trained. However, sometimes, these cunning dogs can deceive their owners with tricks. Corgi is also known to be a strong-willed dog with its own personality and a bit stubborn. So early and consistent training is the key to harnessing their intelligence properly.

Note : The Intelligence of Dogs is a 1994 book on canine intelligence. The author of the book is Stanley Coren, a professor of canine psychology at the University of British Columbia. The book explains Coren’s theory of differences in intelligence between different dog breeds. See more information HERE .

25. Corgi often “go crazy”

Your short-legged friend suddenly went crazy. Race up and down stairs, run fast forward, race in the room, run in circles. Or your dog happens to run up to you, smack you in the leg, and then run away. This is completely normal. This is a natural way for the Corgi to release pent-up energy. Help them relieve stress and handle excitement

This sudden burst of energy is known as the “Frenetic random activity period,” or FRAPs for short. A more common term is “The Zoomies.”

FRAPs appear more frequently in Corgi puppies. You can also see this phenomenon in ferrets, rabbits, goats, horses, cats and even elephants!

Usually, Corgis will “fuel up” before going to bed, after bathing and after they have a meal. In addition, stress or confusion can also trigger random energy flares. If your Corgi is too stressed, it’s likely they’ll channel that nervous energy into a few speed circles. Stressors can come from over-exercising or an upcoming visit to the vet.

Corgi’s gaze is the first sign of the beginning of a frenzy. The next step is usually a bow position with your chest on the floor and your tail in the air. Followed by a loud, high-pitched bark. The next thing everyone knows, their running speed is faster than the bark they just let out.

Action begins a frenzy
Action begins a frenzy

26. Sociable and friendly with other pets

Corgis are very sociable and friendly with other animals. They especially love dogs.

There are many corgi meetups taking place every month around the world. Dog owners will bring corgi to gatherings. They greet each other with gentle nose touches.

And even when a fight broke out, it was pretty funny, as they looked like two teddy bears trying to wrestle on their hind legs. Then inspired dozens of funny “This is Sparta” memes.

27. Corgi has a natural sense of adventure

A sociable breed that loves the outdoors, the Corgi is the ideal companion for epic adventures.

Corgi likes to go mountain climbing
Corgi likes to go mountain climbing

28. Corgi can be mixed with more than 50 different dog breeds

Compared to other breeds, the Corgi has a versatile gene that can be successfully crossed with many other breeds. From small breeds like beagle, maltese, squirrel, chihuahua… to giant dog breeds like Alaska, becgie, samoyed, dalmatian…

Most of these crossbreeds inherited the corgi’s stocky, “piece” body. Among them, Beagi is one of the smallest hybrid species. The Corgi Beagle hybrid can only grow up to 41cm tall.

Top 40 interesting facts about the Welsh Corgi 26
Top 40 interesting facts about the Welsh Corgi 26

29. Corgi loves attention

Corgis are intelligent, love attention, and are equally noisy. They never want “alone time”. Always excited about belly rubs and cuddles.

For some people, the corgi’s over-wrapping is exhausting. However, for the corgi dog lover, it is great to be able to pet the dog anytime, anywhere.

Corgi loves attention
Corgi loves attention

30. Excellence in dog competitions

Due to her herding instincts and quick learning curve, the Corgi is a formidable competitor in canine sports competitions. Especially herding animals, subjects that require agility and obedience.

Corgi is a formidable competitor in dog competitions
Corgi is a formidable competitor in dog competitions

31. Corgi’s butt is often compared to a loaf of bread

Part of the corgi’s appeal comes from their bottoms. So fat, so fluffy, the corgi butt looks like a cute loaf of bread.

Find the difference between the two pictures
Find the difference between the two pictures

32. Corgis are not born with erect ears

In addition to the long body and big butt, the large pointed ears and chubby feet are also the distinguishing features of the corgi. However, when born, corgis have floppy ears. They only perch as the corgi grows.

Usually, the Corgi’s ears will erect when it is 5 to 15 weeks old, and not always together. One ear can be pointed forward, the other ear can be tilted back.

If the Corgi doesn’t grow ears within that time, wait patiently until the teething process is over – about 6 months old, 8 months at the latest.

33. Corgi runs amazingly fast

Don’t let those short and small legs fool you. Corgi has the ability to run amazingly fast. Because they were bred for work, corgis must be able to run twice as fast as sheep and cattle to be able to herd them.

Every year, there are many professional corgi races taking place. There is even a community of people who love to follow and support. Corgi racing videos have always spread widely on the Internet thanks to their high humor and entertainment.

Besides, it will be fun to race with Corgi in the park. Although, the short-legged breed will beat you every time.

Corgi runs very fast
Corgi runs very fast

34. Corgi need moderate temperatures to survive, between 10 – 30 degrees Celsius

On average, the corgi can withstand temperatures as low as 10ºC (50ºF) and can be comfortable in temperatures as warm as 30ºC (86ºF). Outside of this range, they will begin to feel uncomfortable.

As a tropical dog, Corgi is prone to heat shock when raised in a tropical monsoon country like Vietnam. To make sure they stay healthy and full of energy, on hot days you should keep your Corgi in an air-conditioned room or in a cool location. Avoid letting your baby exercise vigorously in hot weather. And only take the Corgi out for a walk when the outside temperature becomes comfortable.

Corgi is a cold dog and loves to play in the snow
Corgi is a cold dog and loves to play in the snow

35. Corgi has an extremely expressive face

Corgis are known to have extremely expressive faces. Whether they’re happy, scared, surprised, or sad, you’ll be able to tell from their exaggerated expressions.

Thanks to the entertainment of cartoon faces, corgi is a constant source of inspiration for memes on social networks…

Corgi has a funny face
Corgi has a funny face

Corgi is also unusually silly. They make funny gestures when begging, turning around when you give them a piece of meat. And when they’re so happy they can’t contain themselves, they run back and forth with goofy smiles and long tongues.

Note : Derp is a common term used in Corgi circles, used to describe a dog’s overly emotional state. They have passionate expressions that happen to be completely ridiculous. This time the corgi face is extremely goofy but also very cute. For example, when the dog tilts its head to one side, its googly eyes and tongue stick out over its cheek.

36. Corgi – Sploot

According to Veterinarian Angelica Dimock of the Humane Society of Animals: “Sploot is the act of an animal lying on its stomach with one or both of its hind legs stretched out behind it.” This is a Corgi-branded pose. This pose accentuates their breaded butts and their four drumsticks.

Look what?
Look what?

The sploot has several variations:

  • Semi sploot: only one rear leg is straight
  • Side splot: rear pins are set aside
  • Reverse splash: occurs when the dog is lying on its back
  • Pancake sploot: all four legs are fully extended. The dog’s entire body lay on the flat floor, like a pancake.

Spoot became Corgi’s trademark pose thanks to social media like Instagram, with over 65,000 posts for the #corgisploot hagtag

Some other breeds have this special posture: Cats and dog breeds such as Pug, Dachshund Poodles, Pitbull Terrier, Labrador Retriever…

Sploot helps pets relax or cool down.

37. Corgi’s happiness and love of life can make you happy

To some extent, this seems to be true of all dogs. However, there are some animals that are more prone to melancholy than others.

On the contrary, the Corgi is an extremely cheerful breed. They are always excited about everything going on around them. The little puppy constantly reminds you to live in the moment. For corgi, every day is the best day. Except yesterday and tomorrow.

Corgi can make you instantly happy
Corgi can make you instantly happy

38. Corgi will never leave you

In general, dogs are very loyal animals. However, some are likely to run away if they see the animal they want to hunt. Or they like to lounge on the couch and let you do your own thing.

Corgi was bred to herd sheep and cattle. This means they never literally leave you. They follow you around the house. And when you go to the bathroom, they wait outside until you’re done.

If you have a baby corgi, this can be a bit annoying as they love to bite people’s heels. However, early training can help corgi break this bad habit. Instead there’s a “dog” that wraps around your ankle all the time.

Play with me!!!
Play with me!!!

39. Likes nose touch

Nose touching, or “boop,” is the act when a corgi comes close to your face and suddenly slams its small muzzle against your nose. This is a typical act of corgi to show affection.

Corgi and baby
Corgi and baby

40. They are really focused on their mission

Video footage of an overweight corgi trying to jump over a fence dozens of times is a testament to how persistent and determined they are to complete the task. This is probably a virtue inherited from herding ancestors, working every day despite the weather.

“When I watch my dog ​​spend four hours licking every bit of peanut butter on the bottom of the jar, it never ceases to inspire and remind me to persevere in the face of any obstacle.” – Share of a Corgi breeder.

Note : A chubby corgi looks really cute though. But obesity is at the root of countless dog health problems.

Above is an article that summarizes 40 facts about Corgi dogs that you may not know. What impressed you the most? Share with me in the comments section.

Review this photo compilation of striking facts about the Corgi.

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