Common Corgi Dog Diseases And Effective Prevention Methods

Common Corgi Dog Diseases And Effective Prevention Methods

To take care of the Corgi dog in the best way, you need to understand the basic knowledge surrounding them. One of the information you need to know is the health information of Corgi dogs. You have to know, what diseases this dog often suffers from and from there take the most effective preventive measures.

In the following article,  Inkpawarts  will introduce you to  the common diseases Corgi dogs encounter  , their causes and ways to prevent them.

Common diseases Corgi dogs have


Obesity is an abnormal and excessive accumulation of fat in one area of ​​the body or the whole body, which is harmful to the health of the animal.

Causes: There are many causes of overweight and obesity in pets, but here are the 2 most common causes that Inkpawarts summarizes:

  • Imbalance between energy intake and energy expenditure: Since the Corgi is a short-legged dog that likes to lie still for some time to enjoy life, the energy is not released.
  • The diet of the Corgi dog contains a lot of fat: Usually, the amount of fat is already available in meats such as: Beef, pork… However, the owner still provides more lipids through fat or other foods. vegetable oils prepared with dog food. This leads to a lot of fat accumulation that makes the dog obese.

How to prevent: Where the cause of the disease, find ways to prevent it. Control the amount of food that goes into the Corgi’s body, especially fat. You can consult your veterinarian to get the most scientific nutrition for Corgi dogs. In addition, you need to let your dog go out regularly to help him release all the accumulated energy.

Thermal shock condition

Cause: Corgi is a cold breed, so the hot climate in Vietnam is not really suitable for them. In addition, the Corgi has a thick and dense coat that makes it impossible for the heat to escape, creating a feeling of suffocation on summer days. Heat stroke is extremely dangerous. It makes Corgi dogs lightheaded, dizzy, vomiting, nosebleed, … heavy, leading to unconsciousness, complete loss of consciousness.

Common Corgi Dog Diseases And Effective Prevention Methods
When a dog has a heat stroke, it will be very tired and can lead to unconsciousness

How to prevent: It is best on hot days, you should not let Corgi dogs outside. If possible, you should keep them in a place with cool air, a lot of trees below 30 degrees Celsius. Absolutely do not let your dog lie in an air-conditioned room because this can make the dog very sick. suffering from respiratory diseases such as pneumonia…

Bathe and trim your Corgi regularly so that heat can escape. In addition, you should not import Corgi dogs in the summer. Please wait until winter so that the Corgi has enough time to adapt to our climate.

Intestinal diseases

Cause: This disease is more common in young Corgi dogs because their digestive system is not yet complete and immature. The cause may be that the Corgi dog food is not guaranteed. It has been rancid, moldy, expired, … In addition, you have not properly kept the Corgi’s hygiene, not managed when you let them out to eat garbage, drink dirty water, …

The easiest way to prevent it: The simplest way is to feed the Corgi dog cooked food and drink it . Keep food bowls, drinking trays, and sleeping areas clean so that bacteria do not have a chance to multiply. Food is a meal for a meal, do not eat leftovers day in and day out. At the same time, when going out, you should muzzle Corgi dogs to avoid giving them junk food.


Cause: Due to the unbalanced Corgi dog body structure, the back is long but the legs are too short. When they exercise vigorously, they are prone to bone and spine problems, which are extremely dangerous. Most Corgi dogs when entering middle age (6-7 years old) suffer from spondylitis and osteoarthritis, making it difficult to move.

Common Corgi Dog Diseases And Effective Prevention Methods
Osteoarthritis in Corgi

Prevention: Because the body structure of Corgi dogs is like that, there is only solution to reduce the consequences, not absolute prevention. First, you need to provide enough calcium for Corgi dogs (supplemented through daily meals, drinking calcium-absorbing milk, calcium supplements for dogs, … ). Next, avoid letting the Corgi engage in vigorous activities when outside.

Scabies, dermatitis

Cause: Caused by bacteria, fleas and dog ticks parasitic on the skin. The thick and dense coat of the Corgi is the ideal shelter for these parasites.

Common Corgi Dog Diseases And Effective Prevention Methods
Corgi dog’s skin is red because of dermatitis

Prevention: Prevention of this disease is quite simple. You just need to bathe, groom, and trim the Corgi dog’s coat regularly. Or if you don’t have time to do that, take them to the vet for vaccinations. This way is more effective and prevents the disease for a long time.

You can learn more about the Corgi breed: Origin, breeding, trading address, price, … here.

Methods of prevention for Corgi

Follow the Corgi dog every day

To best prevent disease for Corgi dogs, you should monitor their every gesture and action every day to see if there is anything unusual. Such monitoring will help you detect and treat Corgi’s disease promptly, avoiding the condition of the disease getting worse. Common Corgi Dog Diseases And Effective Prevention Methods
Pay attention to your dog’s daily gestures

The simplest, you just need to pay attention to how today, your dog eats and drinks , skips meals, goes out normally, moves around, plays or stays in one place, …. From such small observations, you can also understand the health status of the Corgi dog that day, normal or abnormal? If there is anything abnormal, take them to the veterinary clinic for the most timely and reasonable treatment.

Let the Corgi be active regularly

Corgi dogs often suffer from diseases related to bones and joints, so regular exercise is the best option to minimize these diseases. You should take your Corgi out regularly, at least 25-30 minutes a day. Let them participate in gentle exercises such as: Walking , catching the ball, chasing,… in large spaces.

Common Corgi Dog Diseases And Effective Prevention Methods
Let the Corgi be active regularly

or Corgi dogs to be active regularly to help them stay healthy, agile, not irritable, stubborn . You absolutely should not keep Corgi dogs in the house for too long, which can make them depressed, shy, timid and afraid of people. These traits should not be found in an energetic dog like the Corgi.

Fully Vaccinated Corgi

Vaccination is the disease prevention method that Inkpawarts finds most effective for any pet dog, including Corgi dogs. Vaccination helps prevent dangerous diseases such as: Care, parvo, rabies, … appear a lot in dogs. You pay attention to register the vaccination course for Corgi dogs right from the time they are 1 month old. There are vaccines that will not work if the Corgi is too big.

Common Corgi Dog Diseases And Effective Prevention Methods
Take your dog for regular vaccinations to ensure the dog’s health

You should take the Corgi dog to the veterinary hospital to register for routine vaccinations. The price of each vaccine is not too expensive. In addition, you should also take your Corgi to regular health check-ups for a general check-up. Do not wait until Uncle Corgi shows unusual signs to go.

In addition to periodic vaccinations, you should also fully deworm your Corgi dog. Deworming helps prevent diseases related to the intestines and digestive system of this breed. It is recommended to bleach them every 2-3 months as they mature. When under 6 months old, once a month. You can take them to the vet or you can bleach them at home if experienced.

Keep the Corgi dog clean

Common Corgi Dog Diseases And Effective Prevention Methods
Bathing your dog is one of the best prevention measures

Keeping hygiene is also an important factor to help Corgi dogs prevent dangerous diseases. First, the sleeping and eating place of Corgi dogs must be placed in a clean, dry place. Then the daily tools such as: bowls, drinking trays must also be washed and sanitized after each meal. Finally, regular bathing to remove dirt and parasites on the skin and coat of Corgi dogs.

Some notes to prevent diseases for Corgi 

Common Corgi Dog Diseases And Effective Prevention Methods
Feeding Corgi dogs scientifically
  • You should provide a scientific diet and nutrition for Corgi dogs to help their body stay healthy. Control the amount of fat entering the body to avoid obesity.
  • Corgi puppies under 1 month of age should be completely supplemented with mother’s milk. The purpose is to strengthen the resistance, help the Corgi’s immune system later be healthier.
  • If Corgi dogs get caught in the rain or have just finished bathing, they should immediately take a hair dryer to dry them, lest they catch a cold and cause lung disease.
  • Do not let Corgi do heavy exercises such as: Jumping hurdles, pulling weights, … Unbalanced bone structure can cause Corgi dogs to break their spine.


Anyone who owns a Corgi wants their dog to be the healthiest. To do that requires you to have basic knowledge about the health and effective prevention methods for Corgi dogs. Hopefully, the above article has been of some help to you.

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