Training Corgi Dogs From A Young Age Is Simple But Effective

Training Corgi Dogs From A Young Age Is Simple But Effective

Corgi is a gentle and friendly dog ​​breed, rarely causing trouble. However, that does not mean that you think that the Corgi does not need to be trained. In fact, this dog breed is also quite stubborn and difficult to obey. If you are not trained from a young age, it will be very difficult to manage when you grow up.

Understanding that, the following article will introduce you to a simple but effective method of training Corgi at home.

Why do you need to train a Corgi dog?

Corgis are considered to be quite gentle and friendly dogs. However, Welsh short-legged puppies also have some bad habits that you must correct from an early age. Let’s learn with Inkpawarts the bad habits of Corgi that need to be trained in the information below:

Corgi dogs go to the toilet indiscriminately

Corgi or any breed of dog has a bad habit as a child of going to the toilet indiscriminately. Therefore, you need to correct this as soon as possible to reduce the maintenance work and help the Corgi come into order.

Stubborn Corgi Dog

Our Corgi puppy  as a child is often stubborn and likes to make his own way. In order for them to become obedient, you need to immediately train them in basic commands such as: Shake hands, stand up, sit down, lie down, turn around, etc.

Corgi is not alert

Training Corgi Dogs From A Young Age Is Simple But Effective

As mentioned above, Corgi is quite gentle and friendly. They especially wrap people, regardless of strangers or acquaintances. This is considered a bad habit of Corgi because it has many potential dangers if they encounter bad people. You need to train Corgi to know the difference between strangers and acquaintances right away

Corgi dogs often lose control

The Corgi is an active and energetic sheepdog. These short-legged friends often run and jump around, so they often get lost. They also cannot control their actions, so they often bite the furniture in the house. At this point, you should train them to understand: What is not allowed and where is prohibited. Especially when you raise Corgi in a small space such as an apartment or an apartment , this exercise is very necessary.

Effective Corgi dog training at home

When the Corgi was young, bad habits had not yet been formed so immediate training is necessary. You can easily give them a good habit with basic training such as: Going to the toilet in the right place, listening and following the owner’s orders, playing in moderation, …

To understand how to help dogs obey effectively and quickly, readers should follow the information that Inkpawarts summarizes:

Steps to train Corgi to go to the toilet in the right place

Training Corgi Dogs From A Young Age Is Simple But Effective

At the beginning of training, you should observe to recognize the signs when the dog is sad to go to the toilet such as: Run away, run back to sniff, run to the garden to dig, screeching loudly to signal the owner, … After learning the dog’s habits, readers can refer to Inkpawarts ‘s toilet training steps :

Step 1

You need to calculate and carefully choose a fixed toilet place for Corgi. The best location is an indoor or sheltered place to guard against rainy or hot days.

Step 2

Control the amount and timing of Corgi’s meals to create a fixed time frame for meals. This helps the Corgi dog’s digestive system work scientifically, they will only go to the toilet at a certain time: Morning, noon or afternoon, evening.

Step 3

The important commands you need to do when training your dog are as follows:

  • When you see Corgi sad to go to the toilet, you carry them right to the fixed toilet position that you prepared earlier.
  • Shout out the command: “Go to the toilet” . Repeat the command until the dog has finished going to the toilet. The purpose of this is for Corgi to remember the command. Later, every time you say that, they know they need to go to the bathroom.
  • When the Corgi is done going to the bathroom, you take them outside and give them a petting treat. You can reward them with their favorite food so they will try harder next time.

Training Corgi Dogs From A Young Age Is Simple But Effective

Repeat this many times over several days. Corgis are smart so will only need to learn in 1-2 weeks . You should train regularly and never give up halfway. After a period of training, you should get into the habit of letting the Corgi go to the bathroom after eating or just waking up.

Steps to train Corgi to obey

Breeders can train the Corgi to follow basic commands such as: Stand up, sit down, lie down, shake hands, etc. These commands will give them conditioned reflexes, knowing how to obey every time the owner gives an order. . This helps a lot to manage the dog when going out.

Training Corgi Dogs From A Young Age Is Simple But Effective

Command Training: “Sit down”

First, you take the Corgi to a large place such as: Park, garden, training ground, etc. Let them run and jump for about 10-15 minutes , then start training.

Training Corgi Dogs From A Young Age Is Simple But Effective

  • Step 1: You call out Corgi’s name to get the dog’s attention. With one hand you hold their favorite food, the other hand caress and pats their head.
  • Step 2: Then you shout the command: “Sit” and rub your head to correct the posture for them to sit down. The food handle is lowered so that the Corgi is forced to sit down in order to get the food.
  • Step 3: Hold the Corgi’s sitting position for about 2-3 minutes until they eat all the food in your hand. Then, let the dog stand up and pat his head and pet him.

Each time you practice, you should repeat this many times and for many days until the Corgi is mastered. At first, when Corgi is not used to it, it can be practiced for about 15 minutes , then it lasts up to 1 hour and alternates with rest periods.

You can apply the same steps as above for commands: Stand up, lie down, shake hands, etc.

Some tips in training

To train a Corgi to obey its owner’s orders requires good interaction between you and them. You should establish affection and create a bond with your dog from an early age.

Training Corgi Dogs From A Young Age Is Simple But Effective

The training space for the dog must be spacious, quiet, with little traffic for Corgi to focus on. You also have to make sure you can control all of the Corgi’s actions if they refuse to cooperate during training. Long chains can be used at first when the Corgi is not used to it.

You should be persistent in training, absolutely do not give up halfway. The stubborn Corgi may not listen to you for the first 1-2 weeks.

Training Corgi Dogs From A Young Age Is Simple But Effective

Inkpawarts  would like to send you a rule: Always be strict when training, reward and punish clearly, do not beat to frighten the dog. This form of reward will motivate the dog to do better next time. If the dog does wrong, you can punish the dog by beating, which will make the dog more stubborn and aggressive.

The best time to train your dog to go to the toilet in the right place is when the dog is 2 months old. Train them to obey when they are 3 months old or older because at this age Corgi will have enough awareness to follow your wishes.

See more how to raise Corgi through the article: ” Revealing how to raise Corgi effectively for inexperienced people “ .

Some skills we recommend for effective coaching

Eye contact

Training Corgi Dogs From A Young Age Is Simple But Effective

Pet dogs are not like humans, so in training, eye contact is a necessary skill that owners should have. You need to look Corgi straight in the eye every time you give an order. Show a stern attitude so they know you’re not joking. In addition, eye contact helps you capture the Corgi’s emotions, in case the dog is too scared and panicked.

Name Corgi

Right from the start of raising Corgi, Inkpawarts recommends giving them a name to make it easier to train. The name should be as simple as possible, avoiding the type of letters that are difficult to hear. Each command, you should attach Corgi’s name so that they know they are the one to be called. This is even more necessary if your home has more than 2 dogs.

Use food to train

Training Corgi Dogs From A Young Age Is Simple But Effective

Corgi are quite gluttonous, so if you apply the skill of ” using favorite foods to lure” , the training will shorten half the time compared to vegetarian training. However, you should not overdo it because it can be counterproductive, creating a bad habit that makes Corgi only obey when you have food in hand.


Training your dog from an early age is necessary, especially for stubborn dogs like the Corgi. Hope the above article has provided you with the most useful information to train your dog effectively. You can also see more information about other dog breeds  at .

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