Corgi Dogs With Scabies – The Most Common Disease

Corgi Dogs With Scabies - The Most Common Disease 4

Scabies is no longer a strange disease to all those who have been and are keeping dogs. However, how to cure scabies for dogs is still a question of many people. In the following article,  Inkpawarts would like to share about the causes, symptoms and prevention of scabies in Corgi dogs .

What is scabies in dogs?

Scabies is one of the common diseases in Corgi dogs , which can be understood simply as a skin disease caused by parasites. The disease causes a lot of damage to the health as well as aesthetics of the dog. More seriously, if the disease is too severe, it will affect their lives.

Corgi dogs suffer from scabies just like all other breeds. In fact, many serious complications can arise such as hepatitis, pet skin infection. Sometimes it can even cause pus, causing a very unpleasant odor in the case of severe inflammation.

Scabies in Corgi can be classified into 2 types: common scabies and Demodex scabies:

  • Scabies is usually a parasite on the skin of dogs. They grow and develop by burrowing and laying eggs. This type of scabies is not very dangerous for Corgi if treated promptly. When a dog has this type of scabies, if the owner knows and treats it promptly, it only takes a short time to treat the dog.
  • Demodex scabies: This type of scabies is extremely difficult to treat and is extremely easy to recur after treatment. This parasite has an arrow shape. They exist deep under their skin to suck up nutrients. This species of scabies has a characteristic that makes dogs with scabies have a very unpleasant odor.
Corgi Dogs With Scabies - The Most Common Disease
Scabies skin areas will be very itchy and red

Symptoms of Scabies in Corgi

Corgi dogs with scabies will have very clear symptoms

Shedding: Corgi dogs are characterized by a very thick coat. They usually molt each year in spring and summer. However, in Vietnam, the climate is hot and humid, so dogs tend to shed their hair all year round and most in the summer to cool off. However, normal hair loss we will easily notice. Unlike shedding due to scabies, when a Corgi dog has scabies, it will fall out quickly, in large patches and then gradually lose the whole body.

In severe cases, dandruff may occur. The surface of the skin is red or the hair loss area has red spots. The skin will proliferate, thicken and horny, fester in patches with an unpleasant odor. You should not bathe them at this time, but take them to the vet immediately.

Corgi Dogs With Scabies - The Most Common Disease 3
Corgi dogs always rub themselves against rough surfaces to relieve itching

When a dog has scabies, it will be itchy and very uncomfortable. Dogs will scratch more than usual, they often rub their body against rough areas, this is the most obvious manifestation.

Cure scabies for Corgi when sick with scabies

According to folk experience

In folklore, there are many remedies to treat scabies for dogs. Most of these treatments are very effective against common scabies. The following are folk remedies for scabies:

Cure scabies with mint 

Apply menthol to your dog’s hair loss. Peppermint essential oil has antiseptic properties, often used for humans. Apply 3 times a day, repeat about 1 month. Note when applying to the dog to avoid letting the essential oil get into the dog’s eyes.

Types of leaves with acrid taste 

The leaves have acrid taste such as: Mother of pearl leaves, peach leaves, star fruit leaves, … take the leaves to boil and use to bathe the dog. Use concentrated water for best effect. For peach leaf juice, add a little salt. Give your Corgi regular baths for 3 to 4 weeks in a row

Corgi Dogs With Scabies - The Most Common Disease 4
Cure scabies for Corgi according to folklore

Take the Corgi dog for treatment 

This is a pretty simple way to help you spend less time taking care of your dog compared to folk remedies. The treatment for scabies in dogs is usually topical and injected medication. 

Here are some drugs that  Inkpawarts treats scabies very effectively, you can refer to and use: Mitecyn Scabies Medicine , Frondog Ticks Treatment 

When treating your dog, you can rest assured that scabies is never transmitted to humans. However, in the process of bathing a dog, scabies can stick to people, but because the human body does not have much hair along with we also bathe regularly, scabies is completely incapable of sticking and multiplying to cause disease.  So, rest assured and take the time to take care of your dog’s illness.

How to prevent scabies for Corgi

Perform hygiene

  • The way to prevent scabies is very simple, you just need to wash, groom, and trim your dog’s coat regularly. If you can’t afford to care for Corgis, take them to the vet for vaccinations. This is a very good way to prevent disease for long-term effectiveness.
  • Keep the Corgi’s place clean by: Periodically clean the dog’s resting area or play area with cleaning solutions. The dog’s nest needs to be placed in a cool place. Absolutely do not allow your dog to lie under stairs, bathrooms and dark, damp places
Corgi Dogs With Scabies - The Most Common Disease 4
Scabies prevention for Corgi

Provide enough nutrition

  • Diet for Corgi : Scabies is a parasite that is always around the pet. When the animal’s resistance is reduced, scabies will seize the opportunity and invade the body. In order for this to not happen, you need to provide your dog with a reasonable diet to keep him healthy.
  • For Corgi puppies under 1 month old, you should exclusively breastfeed them. This will help the puppy receive the mother’s antibodies passed on to the baby.
  • Scabies will grow and develop in places with high humidity. So, after bathing the dog,  Inkpawarts recommends drying the Corgi’s fur really dry. 
Corgi Dogs With Scabies - The Most Common Disease 4
Scabies prevention for Corgi

Corgi is a breed that does not require too much care. However, for anyone who owns a dog, they want their dog to grow healthy and always beautiful. To do that requires owners to have basic knowledge about how to effectively care for and prevent diseases for their pets. 

See more information on how to raise a Corgi dog: ” Revealing how to effectively raise a Corgi dog for inexperienced people “

Super Pet hopes that with the article about Corgi dogs with scabies – the most common disease, will help you add more knowledge about how to treat and prevent scabies for dogs. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Inkpawarts will try to answer you as quickly as possible.

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