What Corgi Dog Eats And How To Take Perfect Care

What Corgi Dog Eats And How To Take Perfect Care

Corgi is a breed of dog originating from Wales – England. In the following article, we would like to answer your questions about what Corgi dogs eat, their food and nutrition.

How to choose a Corgi dog to raise?

Corgi dogs have a fairly modest height, a body with a relatively plump body. They possess long bodies, their legs are relatively short. The head is small with a broad skull, a deep thorax, a relatively thick neck, and a small and pointed tip and nose. In particular, the Corgi has a very beautiful coat that is thick and straight, but very short.

Corgi food and the phased diet

The Corgi breed has a very weak digestive system. So for them to eat you have to be very careful in choosing the food. What do Corgi dogs eat, you need to choose the types that are full of nutrients and have to process a reasonable diet depending on the age.

What Corgi Dog Eats And How To Take Perfect Care

Food for Corgi

Proteins and fats

These 02 substances are abundant in meat such as beef, chicken, pork, fish or offal… The types of meat for them to eat must be low in fat. For pork, only lean meat should be given. This is a solution to help dogs avoid digestive disorders and defecation. Chicken gives them wings or chicken neck and must be pureed. You should buy export processed chicken, which is cheap and is one of the favorites of almost all dog breeds.

What Corgi dogs eat, should not be fed raw meat. Although Corgi dogs like all other breeds love to eat raw meat. However, because environmental conditions as well as food safety are not guaranteed, when feeding dogs, they must be cooked to remove harmful bacteria that affect their health.

Daily you can supplement protein for them by feeding duck eggs, chicken eggs, quail eggs.

Fiber, starch and vitamins

To supplement these substances, you give them foods such as boiled vegetables, biscuits, potatoes, sweet potatoes … stay away from fried and greasy fried foods.

Diet for Corgi dogs in stages

What Corgi Dog Eats And How To Take Perfect Care

From 01 to 02 months old

What Corgi dogs eat, at this stage their food must be cooked. When cooking meats, you must chop them into small pieces to cook for your dog. For dry food (ready-to-eat food), such as Royal Canin, it needs to be soaked. Daily supplement of 200ml of warm milk, divided into 04 to 05 meals per day

Stage 3 to 6 months old

This is the period when the Corgi thrives the most. Therefore, nutritional needs must be fully met. What do Corgi dogs eat at this stage, you should supplement their daily diet with meats, stewed bones for water, shrimp, eggs, fish, cereal flour, vegetables. Bones should not be fed to the corgi at this stage.

From 6 months old

From the 6th month onwards, the Corgi has been relatively fully developed. In order to reduce the time to take care of them at this stage, you should gradually practice feeding them from 2 to 3 days. At the same time, it is also necessary to increase the daily diet containing a lot of calcium, protein, and protein.

What Corgi Dog Eats And How To Take Perfect Care

The daily menu also needs to have a lot of green vegetables such as carrots, bananas, cabbage, watermelon. Weekly feed Corgi from 03 to 04 duck eggs, boiled eggs or quail eggs to make the dog’s coat smoother.

Note when feeding Corgi

Corgi dogs love to drink water. Therefore, you must regularly give them a bowl of water to drink when thirsty. Change the water 3 times a day.

As a dog with a poor digestive system, for foods such as bones, hot, spicy foods, dry foods, fishy foods or foods containing a lot of fat, animal organs are absolutely not for dogs to eat. Because it is very easy to have diarrhea that is dangerous to the life of Corgi dogs.

Daily feeding on time, the ratio of nutrients in the diet must be reasonable. Because Corgis are easy to gain weight and obesity, they should only eat enough to fill them.

Utensils for Corgi eating must always be clean, do not leave leftovers in their bowls to avoid rancid food that they eat again, which is a pathogen for Corgi.

How to take care of the Corgi every day

In addition to knowing what Corgi dogs eat, they also need to know how to care for them to stay healthy.

Raising a Corgi dog is relatively difficult. In which, taking care of their fur takes a lot of time. Because when raising pet dogs, everyone wants them to have a beautiful coat.

Hair care

Corgi dog hair is relatively thick, you have to regularly brush them, clean them every day. Especially if you have conditions, bathe them once a week. At least once every 2 weeks. After bathing need to be dried when drying. Because their fur is thick, if left to dry naturally, it will take a long time. Besides, when the hair is wet for a long time, it will cause a very unpleasant smell. Regularly trim the Corgi’s coat every 2 to 3 months to have a beautiful coat.

During the transition of seasons, especially in the spring, most Corgis will shed their fur. Corgis that shed a lot of hair do not have a problem. However, with little hair loss, they are at high risk of heat stroke. So for these children, you have to take special care of them such as sleeping in an air-conditioned room, playing in the shade, bathing regularly, feeding them ice cream to cool them down and especially to reduce hair loss. When the weather is too hot, take them to the doctor to have their hair trimmed.

Let the dog run and jump

Corgis are very active, so they often run and jump, if they are not exercised they are easy to become obese. Take them out for walks and play with them regularly. Every day, let them practice catching the ball for about 30 minutes, which is very good for their health and spirit.

Thus, taking care of a dog like a Corgi is not very complicated. Hopefully through this article you have got the answer to what to feed Corgi dogs, how to care for and Corgi’s diet.

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