What Are The Reasons To Choose A Corgi Dog? When Should They Not Be Raised?

What Are The Reasons To Choose A Corgi Dog When Should They Not Be Raised

The Corgi is a popular Welsh pet breed. They are quite gentle, docile and quite suitable for emotional people. Currently,  Inkpawarts  receives many questions from readers related to the issue:  Am I suitable to raise this pet breed? Understanding that, the following article Inkpawarts.com will show you the reasons you should and shouldn’t raise Corgis as follows.

3 reasons you should raise a Corgi

You want to raise a puppy to keep you company

What Are The Reasons To Choose A Corgi Dog When Should They Not Be Raised

Considered to be a very affectionate dog, the Corgi is extremely affectionate with its owner and family members. These short-legged puppies love to go for a walk, cuddle up with their owners and follow them everywhere. Corgis especially love to be petted and petted.

With cute actions and funny facial expressions, the curved butt Corgi always makes you happy and loves life every time you come home after a hard working day. If you live alone and want to raise a dog to keep you company, then Corgi is the perfect choice.

You know, in European and American countries, Corgi is always the first choice to be friends with the elderly. It is their dynamic, vivacious, gentle and affectionate personality that makes them so popular.

Do you want a dog to play with your kids?

What Are The Reasons To Choose A Corgi Dog When Should They Not Be Raised

According to  Inkpawarts, Corgi is extremely suitable for playing with young children. They are gentle and friendly, love to play with children every day. Corgi can perfectly take care of the kids on your behalf. They are hyperactive but know how to control it at the right time, never be aggressive and cause no reason

Corgi is always in the top 10 of dog breeds suitable to play with young children. Families who have had Corgis have had good comments about this Welsh pet dog. There are rarely cases of Corgi dogs biting people, so you can rest assured when letting your dog play with young children.

Corgi is a perfect choice for families with young children. These intelligent puppies will follow your children growing up and always be with them.

You want to raise a dog to guard and protect?

What Are The Reasons To Choose A Corgi Dog When Should They Not Be Raised

Corgi owns a small and beautiful body, so it is not the perfect choice if you want to raise them for guarding and guarding duties. However, if you are raising a Corgi puppy, you can also use them for this purpose. Because the Corgi has a super loud barking voice that can give a very good alarm if it sees a stranger wanting to infiltrate.

In addition, Corgi can protect your home from the intrusion of unwanted guests such as rats, mice, foxes, ferrets, etc. The hunting ability of this breed is extremely good.

3 reasons you don’t want to raise a Corgi

You are busy

If you are a busy person and do not have much time, Inkpawarts advises you not to raise a Corgi puppy for the following reasons:

  • This short-legged dog breed is quite active, they require to be outside often, at least  25-30 minutes  a day.
  • Caring  for Corgi  also takes a lot of time and effort of the owner:  Scientific nutrition, regular bathing and trimming, giving them regular vaccinations, full deworming, etc.
  • Training the Corgi to be obedient requires a lengthy process. You may have to spend  1-2 weeks  in a row just training them to obey or go to the toilet in the right place.

If you go to work all day and just lock the Corgi in one place, they can become panicky, irritable, get mad easily, bite around, etc. Or even, the active friend Corgi can become timid, shy, afraid of people.

Do you hate barking dogs?

Famous for being a dog with a loud and persistent barking voice that does not stop without prompting, Corgi can make you feel uncomfortable, headache. There are a few reasons why the Corgi barks short, such as: Not being able to go out to play, wanting to attract the attention of the owner, showing majesty to a certain dog, a stranger entering the house, etc.

Whether you like or don’t like the sound of dogs barking, Inkpawarts also recommends training Corgi to know how to keep quiet when ordered. So at night, you will not lose sleep or affect the surrounding neighbors.

You have no patience

As mentioned above, training Corgi will take a lot of time because they are smart but also very stubborn. These puppies sometimes understand what you want but deliberately do not follow. At that time, you have to be calm, not in a hurry. For the Corgis, the whipping only hardened them further. Your gentleness and patience will be much more effective.

After successful training, your reward will be a obedient and helpful Corgi who knows how to help the owner. In addition, sometimes Corgi will destroy furniture when the owner is not at home. At these times, you should show anger so that they know they made a mistake and don’t repeat it next time.

You can see more information about Corgi through the article: Interesting information about Corgi Welsh – Super cute short-legged dog


Above are the sharing of Inkpawarts.com  about the reasons you should or shouldn’t raise Corgi. Hopefully through this article, you will get the most accurate decisions if you want to raise a short-legged Corgi.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you want to buy Corgi at Inkpawarts  or have any related questions. We will try to answer you as quickly as possible.

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