The Most Detailed Instructions on How to Make a Cardboard Dog House

The Most Detailed Instructions on How to Make a Cardboard Dog House

Making a dog house out of cardboard is not as difficult as you think. With just a little ingenuity, you have “bought” a lovely and lovely house for your puppy.

Making a dog house out of cardboard is actually not as difficult as you think. With just a little ingenuity, you have “bought” a lovely and lovely house for your puppy. Please refer to the step-by-step process of sharing the article below!

1. Reasons to build a dog house

Whether making a dog house out of cardboard or other materials, it also offers the following advantages.

1.1. Make your dog feel safe

Owning a home of its own will make your dog feel more secure. When the dog is tired or needs to find a place to hide, the dog will immediately think of his home. For mother dogs who are about to give birth or have just given birth, the house is the ideal space for them to take care of their pups.

1.2. Convenience in training

Dogs are very trainable animals. And training will be more convenient and effective if they have a home of their own. With this house, you can train your dog to keep your place clean, not to bite the training items. Or simply go to sleep in the right place. The Most Detailed Instructions on How to Make a Cardboard Dog House
Home brings a sense of security and confidence to puppies

1.3. Effective in emergencies

If you are busy and do not want your dog to disturb you, you can signal them to come into your house. Or in case you need to take your dog out or go away, they will obediently go into your backpack or bag to accompany you on every journey.

2. Details of how to make a dog house out of cardboard

To make a dog house out of cardboard, you need to prepare and follow the following steps.

2.1. Prepare

What you need to prepare when making a cardboard dog house includes: Cartons or cardboard sheets, paper cutters, scissors, pencils, rulers, crayons or water-based paints, milk glue, glue guns, paper clips…

The Most Detailed Instructions on How to Make a Cardboard Dog House
Prepare all the tools to make the process of making a cardboard dog house convenient

2.2. Steps to take

Making a dog house out of cardboard includes the following steps:

2.2.1. Mark and cut to create frames

Mark the size of the carton and then use scissors and a paper cutter to cut the cover according to the marked position, ensuring the following criteria.

  • Cardboard is cut into 2 isosceles pentagons. The bottom is 60 – 80cm wide, the bottom 2 sides are 60 – 90cm high, the top 2 sides of the cover are 36 – 45cm long.
  • Use a cardboard box to draw a U shape 30 – 50cm wide, 35 – 40cm high (corresponding to the size of the dog) and then use scissors or a paper cutter to cut according to the picture.
  • At this point, we have completed the front and back of the house.

2.2.2. Building the roof, walls and foundation for the house

  • Cut another cardboard sheet into 2 square pieces with side size 60 – 90cm and 2 rectangular pieces with side size 60 x 30cm.
  • Use 2 square cards to make the wall for the dog’s house. On the wall, you can cut windows as you like.
  • Use 2 rectangular cards to make the roof for the dog’s house. This roof can be left as is or painted and decorated to your liking. The roof has a triangular design that is both beautiful and reduces dust and creates a spacious interior.
  • The floor is a rectangular cardboard, size 140 x 100 cm. If you want to create a playground, the size can be larger, making the yard outside the house.
  • The order of pasting will be as follows: Glue the cardboard for the wall first, then glue the cardboard for the roof, and finally glue the upper part of the house to the cardboard used as the background. All done with a glue gun.
The Most Detailed Instructions on How to Make a Cardboard Dog House
The cardboard dog house basically when finished will have the same shape as above

Basically, we have completed the cardboard house for the dog. However, to make the house more majestic, you can take extra steps such as: Making an attic, making a playground, making stairs, making a fence, … But unlike cats, dogs often do not climb and runs a lot so you can skip these steps.

As for the decoration, you can use crayons or water-based paints and paintbrushes to decorate the house. In addition, it is possible to add some accessories, depending on the preferences, habits and personality of the dog.

3. Notes when using cardboard dog houses

Unlike wooden, plastic, stainless steel or other durable materials, carton dog houses are easily damaged, so you need to be careful:

  • Cardboard dog houses are only suitable for puppies or small, gentle dogs. Not suitable for large, active dogs.
  • Cardboard houses should only be used indoors, not in outdoor locations or wet areas.
  • You can put a mattress inside the house for the dog to sleep on. The mattress is just the right size so it doesn’t take up too much space in the house.
  • Consideration should be given when using decorative lights for the home made of cardboard. Because heat lamps can make dogs feel uncomfortable. At the same time, damage the glue joints.
  • Limit water or wet food on the house. When cleaning, just wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Cups and trays of water after each use will be taken out, washed, dried, and then placed inside the house to avoid damaging the house.
  • Dogs have a habit of adapting to only one place. Therefore, after each cleaning, you need to put the house back in its original position to avoid making the dog “confused”, strange.
The Most Detailed Instructions on How to Make a Cardboard Dog House
Cardboard dog houses are only suitable for small, less naughty dogs

Hope the above sharing helps you know how to make a beautiful cardboard dog house. Or more simply, you can choose to buy pre-made and commercially available dog houses. There are many models with many different price ranges for you to choose from.

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