Learn the characteristics and personality of the Corgi Fluffy

Learn the characteristics and personality of the Corgi Fluffy

When it comes to pet dogs that are loved by many people, surely no one can ignore the Corgi dogs. With short legs, big round butt and sparkling eyes. The famous Corgi  is loved by many pet lovers. There are 3 breeds of Corgi dogs: Corgi Pembroke, Corgi Cardigan and Corgi Fluffy. In this article, let’s  learn about some characteristics and personalities of Corgi Fluffy dogs !

1. What is Corgi Fluffy?

The vast majority of Corgi breeds have short hair and short tails. In addition, they also have purebred characteristics that are short legs and long bodies. This breed is another branch of Corgi called Corgi Fluffy. The Corgi Fluffy has a long coat and a long tail that touches the ground. Those are also their most prominent features. Their tail is also an attraction for Corgi lovers.

2. Origin and characteristics of the Corgi Fluffy


The Corgi is a breed of dog originating from Wales in the United Kingdom, easily distinguished by its coat color and physical features. Originally, they had only one name, Welsh Corgi. Later, they were bred into many breeds and divided into two main groups: Corgi Pembroke and Cardigan Corgi. This breed has another name, the Fluffy Corgi of the Pembroke line, but has a characteristic long coat. Currently, the number of Corgi Pembroke lines is larger and also more popularly farmed. Because the cost is not too high and the care regime is not too complicated.


The long-haired Corgi Fluffy has erect ears, an equilateral triangle, the size of which is proportional to their face. Corgi has a small, pointed and long nose. In many places, people also call Corgi dogs Foxy Dogs because they have a face that resembles a fox. Corgi eyes are large, very round, black nose, small jaws and sharp teeth. They chew quite well, so they often bite and destroy furniture if they are locked in the house.

  • The Corgi Fluffy is described as a dog with a relatively long coat. Locations such as the chest, ears, bottom, legs, feet, and hind legs are denser and more hairy than other parts.
  • Except for hair length. The Corgi Fluffy Dog has the appearance characteristics of both the Cardigan Corgi and Pembroke Corgi lines. These dogs often have the same color as the Pembroke Welsh Corgi – white and Fluffy. And the tail is like that of the Cardigan Corgi – the tail is long and hairy.
  • Normally, people would not let their Fluffy Corgi have a long, flowing coat like the Fox Squirrel or other long-haired breeds.
  • In addition to the plumage. The Corgi Fluffy has the same characteristics as a regular short-haired Corgi: short legs, long back, large and round ears. Along with a full face, pointed muzzle, a bit like a fox face.
  • Learn the characteristics and personality of the Corgi Fluffy
    Origin and characteristics of the Corgi Fluffy

3. Corgi Fluffy’s Personality

This Corgi Fluffy breed inherits the genes and temperament of the Pembroke line. They live very affectionately, tend to be attached to their owners, want to be happy owners, obedient, easily trained by intelligence, quickly listen and understand human voices.

When we talk about Corgis, we often talk about their intelligence. Corgi is ranked 11th in the list of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world. Thanks to their superior intelligence, the Corgi Fluffy is trained very quickly and easily. Especially with commands, Corgi only needs to be trained 4-5 times.

Corgi Fluffy is a loyal dog:  During the life of the Corgi Fluffy, they are loyal to only one owner. They are very respectful and always attached to their owners. In these cases, when in danger, the Corgi will seek to protect the owner. And they will also fight hard for the safety of their owners.

Learn the characteristics and personality of the Corgi Fluffy
Fluffy Corgi’s personality is very energetic

 Corgi Fluffy is also quite stubborn:  In some cases, Corgi dogs are also a bit stubborn when they do not follow the owner’s wishes. Therefore, training them is also more or less difficult.

You need the right time and method of instruction. At the same time, combine reminders so that they take more seriously your commands. In particular, they bark very persistently if not reminded. To avoid causing unwanted noise. You need to control the behavior of Corgi to keep them peaceful and friendly.

– Corgi Fluffy is very active:  Corgi is an extremely naughty and active dog that needs to be played, run and jump every day to release energy. In addition, running and being active also help Corgi avoid obesity.

Reasons to Adopt a Corgi Fluffy Dog Now.

Loyalty, affection.

The Corgi Fluffy Dog breed is very affectionate, easily getting along with family members. They are especially loyal and love to bond with their owners, but are very wary of strangers. That is why Corgi is a reliable companion.

Full of energy.

Despite his gentle appearance, the Corgi is very active in nature. They are dogs with a lot of energy and endurance. This breed loves to run and jump in a spacious environment, so it can participate in many outdoor activities.

Lovely short legs.

Short legs are the distinguishing feature of this breed. The Corgi Fluffy  is so short that its chest is close to the ground and will cost a lot. Because according to professional dog players, they consider the shorter the legs, the longer the body, the more funny and lovely.

Smart and docile.

The Corgi Fluffy is ranked 11th in the AKC’s list of the smartest dog breeds. They are obedient and very easy to train. Therefore, the training of Corgi is quite simple compared to other dog breeds.

Notes When Raising Corgis.

The Corgi Fluffy  is a dog with a rather poor digestive system. In the process of raising, you need to pay attention to supplementing with age-appropriate nutrition. The diet is rich in protein, calcium and good grains and vegetables for dogs such as cabbage, carrots, and fruit.

– Small dogs are very greedy, so you need to control the amount of food they consume each day. Dogs should not eat too much or excess fat, easy to cause intestinal diseases.

Avoid foods that are difficult to digest, spicy foods, hard bones, animal organs or foods that are too dry. Always keep water available for your dog to drink and remember to change the water 3 times a day.

– Corgi Fluffy dogs  are very active dogs, so they should not be kept indoors for too long because dogs can be stressed. You need to set aside some time each morning for your dog to get outside to do activities that combine with sun exposure.

Corgi is an intelligent dog that likes to do things on its own, so it needs to be patient, it is best to train them right from the moment they are caught. You can start with simple commands like stand still, sit down, lie down, shake hands, etc.

In addition, you should also interact regularly with the dog by calling its name and making eye contact. There should be a form of praise and encouragement when the dog successfully completes the task.

4. How to take care of the Corgi Fluffy

Fur care for the Fluffy Corgi is extremely important. Because they have long, thick fur and are not suitable for the climate in Vietnam. So you need to pay attention to some of the following issues in caring for them to have a clean, beautiful and smooth coat.

You should brush your Fluffy Corgi every day. Brushing not only helps keep their coat smooth and neat. What’s more, this also helps to get rid of hair loss on their body.

– The personality of Corgi dogs is quite active, they often run and jump. So it is inevitable that the coat is dirty. Use a special shampoo for pets to have the smoothest and most shiny coat.

Learn the characteristics and personality of the Corgi Fluffy
Fluffy Corgi care is very important

You should trim the Corgi’s hair every 2-3 months. Depending on your family’s conditions, you can take Corgi to the spa to get a haircut. In addition, hair trimming needs attention in the summer.

5. What do Corgi Fluffy dogs eat?

In general, this dog is very easy to eat, we can feed them like other breeds. However, Corgi is very active, so it needs a lot of energy. Therefore, you need to provide them with a diet rich in protein and nutrients to sustain them throughout the day.

In Vietnam, Corgi is usually eaten by the owner mainly. However, according to some veterinary nutritionists, Corgi needs at least 70% meat, the remaining 30% is rice and vegetables as well as other foods.

Learn the characteristics and personality of the Corgi Fluffy
The long-haired Corgi Fluffy is so cute
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