Instructions On How To Bathe Corgi Dogs And Properly Clean The Body

Instructions On How To Bathe Corgi Dogs And Properly Clean The Body

For pet dogs with thick and dense coat like Corgi, regular bathing is really necessary. Bathing will help remove plaque, bacteria, parasites, fleas, etc. hiding on the dog’s skin and fur.

In this article, Inkpawarts  would like to send you Corgi’s method of bathing and body hygiene and notes during the bathing process.

When should and shouldn’t a Corgi be bathed?

With many years of experience in pet care,Inkpawarts recommends bathing your Corgi at the right times for the following reasons:

When you should bathe your Corgi

  • When the dog’s coat accumulates a lot of dirt, the hair becomes sticky and cannot be cleaned by combing.
  • On the infected Corgi’s skin, there is a lot of sebum, discharge, leading to the appearance of body odor.
  • Corgi has just finished trimming: Small pieces of hair stick together, which can cause them to itch, so they need to be cleaned with a bath.
  • Bathing helps remove dead body hair for Corgi during shedding period.
  • Bathing also helps Corgi remove dead skin patches, fleas, ticks on the skin and fur.

When You Shouldn’t Bathe a Corgi

In order for the dog to grow healthy, owners need to pay attention to some times when Corgi should not be bathed :

Instructions On How To Bathe Corgi Dogs And Properly Clean The Body
When not to bathe Corgi
  • When Corgis are too full or too hungry, do not give them a bath. The best time to take a bath is 2-4 hours after eating.
  • Outdoor temperature < 18 degrees, if you take a bath, it is easy for Corgi to catch a cold.
  • Corgis under 1 month old are weak and should not be bathed immediately.
  • After giving birth, the mother corgi has not yet recovered and should not take a bath.
  • If Corgis are sick, have diarrhea or have unusual signs such as sneezing, runny nose, etc. , you should not bathe them, but only take measures to dry them.
  • Corgi who has just been vaccinated regularly or dewormed should not be bathed because the dog is fighting the virus at this time, so his health is quite weak.

Some preparations before bathing the Corgi

Before bathing your dog, you need to prepare the following tools:

  • Prepare a discreet bathroom, make sure there is no draft during the shower.
  • Prepare warm water if bathing in winter, in summer, give Corgi a cold bath.
  • Prepare shower gel, bath tub, cotton towel, dryer, etc. at the ready position.
  • You can use 2 cotton balls inserted in Corgi’s ears to prevent soapy water in the ears.
  • You can also prepare more brushes, nail clippers, comb to conduct oral hygiene, combined with the bathing process.

Instructions for bathing Corgi properly

Step 1

Place the Corgi in the bath water. First, you should not take a quick shower, but take a damp cloth and clean the Corgi’s face, eyes, nose, and ears. Use a cotton swab to remove all eye and earwax for a clean dog.

Step 2

Next, you need to pour water over the dog’s body to wet the fur. Then, take shower gel and rub it all over the body from the neck down. Use your hands to gently scratch and scrub to remove dirt and plaque from the Corgi’s fur.

When bathing, the soap bubbles are still dirty, which means that the Corgi’s fur is not completely clean. You take the water to flush once and continue to apply the shower gel for a second time. Continue scratching and scrubbing as before, when it feels clean, stop.

Instructions On How To Bathe Corgi Dogs And Properly Clean The Body
Instructions for bathing Corgi dogs properly

Step 3

Flush soapy water on Corgi’s fur and body. If you want to treat fleas and ticks, you should use a specialized shower gel, apply it to the fur and incubate for 5-10 minutes to clean, then rinse.

Step 4

When you’re done showering, lift Corgi out of the water. Take a large cotton towel prepared earlier to dry them. After drying, take the dog out of the bathroom.

Use a hair dryer to dry the hair: It is recommended to dry in the direction from the neck to the tail so that their fur is not tangled. If the summer is hot, you should let their fur dry naturally.

To make the Corgi’s coat smoother, Inkpawarts  recommends using a specialized comb to brush through. Then, use baby powder to gently rub the hair to smooth, not sticky. You just need to complete the 4 steps above, the Corgi’s coat will be guaranteed to be the cleanest.

Notes on bathing Corgi 

Instructions On How To Bathe Corgi Dogs And Properly Clean The Body
Some notes when bathing Corgi

To keep your dog clean and soft, you should choose a specialized shower gel suitable for each need. Normally, a standard dog bath must have a pH = 7-7.14. Acid levels in this range are safe and won’t irritate your Corgi’s skin. You absolutely should not bathe Corgi with human shower gel because the acidity in human shower gel is quite high, which can cause damage to the baby’s skin.

After bathing, if Corgi has symptoms such as: Itching, red skin, hair loss, etc. , it is possible that they are allergic to the type of shower gel they are using. Inkpawarts  reminds you to switch to another type and monitor more to ensure absolute safety for your dog.

Bath time for Corgi should be 15-20 minutes . Bathing for too long is also not good because they easily catch cold. If after bathing, Corgi has unusual manifestations such as: trembling, fever, loss of appetite, lying in one place, … then you should take them to the veterinarian immediately for examination. Maybe your bath is not right, causing Corgi to get sick.

Body hygiene for Corgi

During the bath, you can do a few things to properly clean the Corgi dog’s body:

Instructions On How To Bathe Corgi Dogs And Properly Clean The Body
Ear hygiene for Corgi dogs is very important
  • Ear cleaning: You should use a cotton ball soaked in a little water and cleaning solution (can be purchased at a veterinary store). Put a cotton ball in to clean the dirt and earwax inside. Attention, should not be inserted deep into the ear, which may cause Corgi pain. You should only clean the areas that are visible to the eye.
  • Brush your Corgi’s teeth: Use a Corgi toothbrush to gently scrub your teeth to remove plaque. You don’t have to use toothpaste because if the Corgi is not used to the smell, it may reflexively come back to bite you. Absolutely, do not use human toothpaste.
  • Trim the Corgi’s nails: If your dog’s nails grow long, you should use nail clippers to cut them a bit shorter. Too long toenails can stick to the ground, making it difficult for the Corgi to move.
Instructions On How To Bathe Corgi Dogs And Properly Clean The Body
Regular nail clipping for Corgi will help the dog move more easily
  • Clean the natural holes on the Corgi: There are 3 natural holes on the Corgi’s body that are less noticeable but contain the most bacteria: between the toes, under the foot and behind the ears . If you do not pay attention and clean carefully, the flesh of those places is prone to scabies and pus, causing a stench.


Proper bathing and hygiene will keep the Corgi clean and healthy. Hope the above article helps you somewhat in the process of raising and caring for Corgi dogs .

Don’t forget to contact Inkpawarts if you want to buy a Corgi or have any questions. We will try to answer you as quickly as possible.

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