Detailed Instructions On How To Care For Breeding Corgi Dogs

Detailed Instructions On How To Care For Breeding Corgi Dogs

Raising a normal Corgi dog is difficult, raising a breeding dog is many times more difficult. They require you to have experience and knowledge in how to care for the pregnancy Corgi dog to take place most smoothly. Understanding that, the following article, Inkpawarts will guide you how to take care of Corgi dogs before, during and after birth most effectively!

Care for mother Corgi before birth (pregnancy period)

Signs of pregnancy

After breeding Corgi dogs , about 2-3 weeks later, you can take them to the vet to check if your dog is pregnant or not? Because in the first 30 days, the signs are not very clear. But from 30 days onwards, you can recognize the basic signs of pregnancy Corgi as follows:

  • Corgi dogs eat more and sleep more.
  • Having symptoms of morning sickness (when 1-2 weeks pregnant). What Corgi dogs eat, they get nauseous or skip eating for many days, …
  • The dog’s belly is abnormally large. There is a marked increase in weight.
  • Nipples begin to enlarge and expand, which may produce milky white discharge towards the end of pregnancy.

Scientific nutrition

After you are sure that your Corgi is pregnant, you need to provide them with a complete diet and a reasonable and moderate mode of activity, rest. In addition, Inkpawarts recommends that you supplement the mother dog with a sufficient amount of iron and calcium with functional foods. The reason why it is necessary to supplement calcium for the mother dog at this time is because the mother dog needs a large amount of calcium to build a skeleton for the puppy.

During the early stages of pregnancy, you can keep the same daily diet of Corgi puppies. Until about  1.5 months pregnant, it is necessary to supplement with protein-rich meats such as beef, pork, chicken. Every day, you feed the Corgi dog from 100-150 grams of lean meat + 1 chicken egg + 200ml of fresh milk for a healthy pregnancy.

Regarding the number of meals, at the beginning, you should give Corgi 3 meals a day. After your dog is about 1.5 months pregnant (that’s about 2/3 of pregnancy), you can increase the number of meals to 4 meals / day to ensure Corgi is not hungry.

Note: Food for pregnant Corgi needs to be cooked and boiled no matter what kind of food it is.

Predict the date of birth

Detailed Instructions On How To Care For Breeding Corgi Dogs
Need to prepare the necessary items when the mother Corgi breed

You should keep a record of the time when the Corgi dog mated to predict the date of birth for the most accurate. In addition, you can base on the size of the belly to know if they are pregnant with many or few children. Normally, Corgi dogs with few puppies have a long gestation period, about 64-68 days . In contrast, pregnant with many children, the pregnancy time will be shorter, only about 57-60 days before they can give birth.

You need to try to predict the date of birth as closely as possible to prepare the mood, prepare the nest, and the tools for the puppies a week in advance.

Signs of impending birth

  • 3-4 days before giving birth , there are signs of colostrum secretion at the nipple.
  • The embryo moves strongly, can be clearly observed from the outside.
  • The mother Corgi dog eats less, sleeps less, but urinates a lot because the fetus pushes down and presses on the bladder.
  • The mother dog walks around, sniffing as a reflex to find a place to lay.
  • From 3-4 hours before birth, the signs are more obvious because the mother dog is entering labor pain: Breathing heavily, rushing, screeching, scratching, sweating, body temperature drops rapidly, …

When specific signs appear, quickly bring the Corgi to the previously prepared litter to conduct the birthing process.

Caring for the mother Corgi dog at birth

Things to prepare before giving birth

  1. Prepare the delivery room very discreet and quiet. Avoid places where there is strong wind or traffic. Corgis are born extremely sensitive to noise. Especially the sound of dogs barking because this can make them agitated, making it difficult to give birth. More dangerous is that the dog may have bleeding.
  2. Clean items to use during childbirth include: Clean clothes for underwear, towels to wipe the puppy, iodine alcohol, sterilized scissors to cut the umbilical cord, toilet paper, warm water, support gloves laying, heating lamp if in winter, …
  3. You can prepare an extra tube of Oxytocin to induce labor in case the dog has difficulty in giving birth. The condition for injection is to give birth to 1 puppy before. However, Inkpawarts recommends that you consult your veterinarian before use.

Caring for the mother Corgi dog at birth

Focus on your dog’s every push, helping them regulate their breathing. But absolutely do not stroke, cuddle or touch the mother dog. Because that action can make them forget the pain and refuse to push anymore.

If the Corgi is easy to give birth, you don’t need to do anything. Let the birthing process happen as naturally as possible. The mother Corgi will break the amniotic sac, bite the umbilical cord and lick the puppy clean. If the mother dog is too tired to do anything but push, then you need to intervene. Take scissors to cut the umbilical cord and wipe the body with a towel for the Corgi puppies, then put them in the mother’s lap.

Detailed Instructions On How To Care For Breeding Corgi Dogs
Put the newborn puppy in the mother’s lap

Postpartum dogs often have a natural reflex to eat the placenta. That’s not necessarily as bad as people say. It is simply the mother dog’s instincts. You should feed the mother Corgi, but do not give it much, about 2-3 pieces only to avoid bloating and indigestion that happens to the mother dog.

If the mother dog is easy to give birth, you do not need to use the pre-prepared oxytocin to induce labor. However, from the second child onwards, if you see signs of difficulty in giving birth, this is the time when you should give your dog Oxytocin injections. This fertility drug is not bad. It has the effect of stimulating the uterus to contract strongly, pushing the remaining puppies out. It also helps prevent postpartum bleeding.

Caring for mother Corgi dogs and Corgi puppies after birth

First, the mother Corgi after giving birth, she will be covered with blood and amniotic fluid. You should dilute the salt water, take a clean damp cloth, then wipe them over. If the mother dog is still bleeding after giving birth, you need to take a clean towel underneath their bottom.

Nutrition for the mother dog after birth is also extremely important. The amount of nutrition needs to be very complete, so that the mother dog will recover quickly after giving birth and have enough milk for the puppies to suckle. You can stew beef hooves, pig hooves, goat hooves, … cook porridge for mother Corgi to eat. Because of folk experience, these foods will stimulate the mammary glands to produce more milk.

Detailed Instructions On How To Care For Breeding Corgi Dogs
Breastfeeding Corgi puppies exclusively with mother’s milk

Newborn Corgi puppies often cannot find their mother’s breast, so they fight wildly. Arrange the puppy’s breast. There is a constant change between breasts because the milk in the upper breast areas will be more abundant and of better quality than the milk in the lower breast areas. Especially when the mother dog gives birth to many pups, the more you need to arrange to avoid the situation in a herd that has short, fat children.

Newborn Corgi puppies should be exclusively breastfed for the first 1 month. After 1 month, you can feed them with thin porridge. If the mother Corgi has lost milk, you should breastfeed the puppy through another mother or drink formula. Absolutely do not give newborn dogs early solid food when their digestive system is still weak. The right time to separate the herd is when the baby Corgi is 2 months old.

You can see more information about raising Corgi dogs through the article: ” Revealing how to effectively raise Corgi dogs for inexperienced people “.

In the case of a reverse pregnancy, how to deal with it?

The ” reverse pregnancy ” in dogs is different from the breech position in humans. This phenomenon in dogs does not depend on whether the head or legs are forward, but depends on the position of the fetus. The most common breech positions in dogs are as follows:

  • The hind legs and tail are out, but the head is stuck.
  • The top half came out but was stuck in the hind legs.
  • Only the head of the Corgi puppy came out, the front legs could not come out because it was entangled inside.

When encountering cases of breech birth, you need to intervene immediately so that the Corgi puppies do not suffocate. Put on sterilized gloves and turn the puppy in a forward position with its head and front legs forward, tail and hind legs back. Then gently pull them out with your hands.

When should a caesarean section be performed?

Natural born Corgis are the best. However, there are some cases where the fetus is too large, the fetus is breech, after 4-6 hours but cannot give birth, you should intervene immediately by caesarean section to prevent the puppy from suffocating.

Detailed Instructions On How To Care For Breeding Corgi Dogs
When should I intervene to give birth by cesarean section for mother Corgi dogs?

When you see Corgi dogs showing signs of difficulty in giving birth, you should immediately call your veterinarian to prepare for a cesarean section. During the operation, the mother dog may experience psychological shock, fear, panic, … You should block their sight and sit next to the dog so that the dog feels more secure when the owner is around.

How to cut the umbilical cord properly?

When the mother dog is finished giving birth, some of them can’t bite the umbilical cord for the puppies on their own, you can intervene. First, tie the thread to the umbilical cord at a position 1cm away from the navel. Then, take scissors that have been disinfected with iodine alcohol and cut on the knot from only 1-2cm. After cutting the umbilical cord, you need to take a cotton bandage to cover the puppy’s umbilical cord to prevent infection.


Above are the shares of Inkpawarts on how to take care of the mother Corgi dog before, during and after giving birth in the most specific way. We hope the above information helps you somewhat as your Corgi enters the breeding period.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below the article comment section, Inkpawarts will try to answer your question as quickly as possible. Thank you for your interest in following the article.

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