7 Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day With Corgi

7 Ways To Spend Valentine's Day With Corgi

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity for you to show your love to those you love, and don’t forget your corgi – the “people” who love you more than themselves. They are always there to listen to you when others are busy, always around you, and you can see their love for you when you look into those beautiful eyes every day.

Here are 7 ways for you to show your love to your furry friend on this special holiday!


Corgi cannot enjoy chocolate like humans, in fact chocolate is a dangerous poison for them. But your pet will enjoy treats made just for them. Give your corgi a few of his favorite treats to let him know that something special is happening today.


You may have planned a sweet candlelit dinner over a glass of wine with that special someone, then there’s no reason why your four-legged companion should have to spend a special evening. Besides a bowl of normal food like any other day. “Mix his food” with a large piece of Pate, your dog or cat may love the beef/tuna flavored wet food they have never tried before. But keep in mind that you still feed them the same food every day and add a large piece of delicious pate as a topping – because changing the new food suddenly can cause some disorders. Digest. Your guy or girl will definitely love this.


7 Ways To Spend Valentine's Day With Corgi
7 Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day With Corgi

Children love going to the store to choose the toy they want, and pets who never grow up also love this.

Most Pet Shops allow these 4-legged customers to enter the store to visit and shop. Give them time to explore the shelves and choose their favorite toy. Surely your little friend will be very excited with the toy he chose.


Please give tender loving care to your little friends on this special day. An at-home grooming session with a hot tub, grooming, and body massage will help you both bond better. 


Your phone’s photo library is certainly full of adorable photos of your pets, but a set of artistic portraits or outdoor photos will be a priceless keepsake. You can find professional studios that specialize in photographing dogs, cats, and other small animals.

After a grooming session to re-beautify your pet, taking commemorative photos is a great choice and don’t hesitate to join in with your pet.

6. Give your special someone a meaningful gift – BUT DON’T GIVE A PET

Puppies and kittens are adorable creatures, but they are a serious responsibility and should not be given as gifts just because they are cute. Instead of giving pets for the holidays, make long-term plans with your partner for a four-legged companion. Because your life will change a lot when there is a new member. But there are certainly interesting changes that are worth looking forward to.


Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete without chocolate, candy, alcoholic beverages, candles, flowers and new decorations. All of these things may seem normal, but they are all potentially dangerous for your pet. Make sure there are no chocolate shavings on the floor or alcoholic beverages kept out of your pet’s reach, as these are both toxic to them. Blow out the candles before you leave the house, and check for flowers that can be dangerous for pets like Lily and Tulip.

Spending time with loved ones is the best Valentine’s Day gift. Whether you look forward to February 14 every year or not, plan this special holiday to have fun with your pet. Create and remember special memories together so your little ones know they are always loved and appreciated